Here & Now… in the here and now… being in the present… being. These are common catch-phrases of today. But what do they mean and what do they have to do with psychotherapy?

Whether we meditate, practice karate or engage in Gestalt Psychotherapy, we can attain being in the moment - not thinking about the past and not worrying or planning for the future, we can simply be present in the here and now. While this can be an intense transformative experience, it is also the moment to build our awareness of ourselves, our patterns of behaviour and our potential for change.

Beginning psychotherapy might be prompted by life challenges such as relationship difficulties, a death or loss of a job. Others come because they experience a feeling of unease and discomfort in their daily life or are interested in exploring higher levels of engagement and satisfaction. Here & Now can help all of these different circumstances because it is in the here and now that change is truly possible.

Working in the here and now, I can help you by creating a supportive yet challenging environment where there are opportunities to build awareness. In part, I do this by maintaining a non-judgmental, open, and receptive attitude and by being an attentive and insightful witness. This is a co-creative process that will release your energy, bring renewed clarity of mind and the freedom to make new choices. In short, you will begin to feel more alive - you will begin to create the life you want.

In addition to my Gestalt training, I incorporate insights and approaches from psychoanalysis, psychodrama, bioenergetics and shamanism. I work with individuals, couples, and groups. For those who live further afield, I am available for phone consultations. I am currently experimenting with SKYPE, a free video live chatting tool which will enable me to work with you in the comfort of your own home.